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OPTIFY contains Blueguard-Oral®, a proprietary ingredient that is proven to help fortify against oxidative stress-induced inflammation at the cellular level, a major cause of Digital Aging.

Blueguard-Oral® contains a blend of super foods, fruits and herbs for protection against over-exposure to blue light. OPTIFY reinforces your body’s innate protective barrier repairs damages, and regenerates cells to replenish and renews your skin and eyesight to optimum health.

GAC Fruit, a wonder fruit, packed with rich nutrients and antioxidants from seed to skin. It's arils (the soft, deep red membranes surrounding the seeds) are where lots of carotenoids, vitamins, polyunsaturated fats, protein, polyphenol compounds and flavonoids are found. These nutrients are vital not just for the eyes and skin but also overall health. The Gac fruit contains 3x more Lutein compares to Marigold and 40x more zeaxanthin compare to the yellow corn.

Cacao Seed is rich in polyphenols which possess anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant properties and DNA repair activities. There are various in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrating that oral consumption and topical application of cocoa polyphenols offers its users effective photoprotection.

Pomelo contains high amounts of bioflavonoids and vitamin C which act as a natural antioxidant. Bioflavonoids are known to absorb UV radiations and offers potent antioxidant properties through scavenging of the reactive oxygen species or otherwise known as free radicals.

Mangosteen is rich in xanthones, phenolic acid and flavonoids which in turns offer strong antioxidant properties

Rosemary Leaves has shown a number of interesting biological activities, including antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

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