Digital Aging

Digital aging occurs when you are over-exposed to Blue Light. Among the main concerns are,

۱٫ Oxidative Stress + Free Radicals (Fine Lines + Saggy Skin)

۲٫ Hyperpigmentation

۳٫ Skin Inflammation & Irritation

۵٫ Deterioration of Skin Elasticity and Dryness

۶٫ Sleep Disorders and Dark Circles

Since Covid entered our lives, most of us have found ourselves glued to our digital devices while trying to stay connected with the rest of the world. On minimal exposure, blue light is relatively harmless, but with all the advancements in technology, we are now exposed to a significantly higher dosage of blue light daily.

Recent studies have also shown that not only can it induce oxidative stress but that it also has the ability to penetrate more deeply than UV light. And since the effects are not instantaneous, this is quickly becoming the most silent ‘ager’ of our generation.

Other than having side effects of our skin, eyes and body, excessive screen time is reported to be associated with a range of negative mental health outcomes such as psychological problems, low emotional stability, and greater risk for depression or anxiety.

Minimising your exposure to UV rays and using sunscreen is a great place to start. Another option would be to minimize your screen times, although this might be rather unrealistic, considering how ingrained digital reality is with our modern lifestyles.

The third and best option we have, is reinforcing your natural barriers! Help your body regenerate and fortify your cells.

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